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“ur podcast is good, i have absolutely listened to it”

Jemima’s Girlfriend

Humble beginnings…

Jeff predicting podcasting gold.
The Split Point Lighthouse
encouraging us to reach our goals.

Josh looking outside the box for inspiration.
Jemima assaulting the poor lighthouse.

Bonus Episode 8: The Reddisode UnTwisted! A Round The Twist Podcast

In which the UnTwisted! hosts discuss their experience trying to promote this very podcast on Reddit. This podcast contains twisted adult language and themes, therefore should only be listened to by cool kids. You can get in contact with the hosts at untwistedpodcast@gmail.com You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @untwistedpod If you enjoy our podcast, please consider giving us a rating and review on Apple podcasts or wherever you can. You can find all episodes of Round the Twist on YouTube.
  1. Bonus Episode 8: The Reddisode
  2. Episode 12: Without My Pants aka Barking Mad
  3. Episode 11: The Copy aka A Clone of My Own
  4. Bonus Episode 7: An UnTwisted! Christmas Special