Our beautiful bouncing baby podcast


Our gorgeous lil poddy came about because we were all in 2020 lockdown due to the Virus That Shall Not Be Named and everyone was bored. Jemima and Maz thought…wouldn’t it be fun to talk about that kids’ program we showed a couple of eps to Jeff and Josh a few years ago? Yes. Yes it would.

ABout the hosts


Jeff smells.


Jemima was born somewhere in NSW and now lives in Sydney like some kind of city-dwelling THING. She currently lives with a cat, two rats, and an out-of-her-league girlfriend.

At one point in her life Jemima was feeling rather downtrodden. She was kicked out of high school due to them being too lazy or afraid to help after she suffered a brain thing, which was quite rude. However, after many long, gruelling years of trying not to let the MAN get her down, she finally got a degree in music.

Jemima’s main passion is doing nothing, although she is also prone to long walks in the bush and playing video games. She has been part of many bands since her teens, but after all of them disbanded due to Jem being the ONLY good member she decided to become a solo artist…and podcaster.


Josh also smells.


Maz grew up in Perth, Western Australia but now lives in Victoria because screw you. She currently has two cats, one bird and one smelly yet handsome man.

She considers herself a maz-of-all-trades, in that she knows a bunch of stuff but isn’t an expert at any of it. See: 3/4 of a teaching degree, 1 whole science degree, one certificate in patisserie, a whole bunch of office work, knowing how to change the washer in taps.

Her social anxiety lends itself well to podcasting as she already knows the people she’s talking to and she doesn’t have to worry how insane she looks.