It’s new. It’s unique. It’s exciting. It’s today.

Hello there. What’s more exciting than a frickin blog, eh?

Round the Twist was one of the best Aussie kid’s shows on TV in the 90’s and beyond. Even if you never watched it and don’t plan on doing so (although you should), listening to UnTwisted! won’t leave you completely lost, or so we’ve been told. But you should probably only listen if you don’t mind the occasional swear word or adult theme, since the hosts are no longer children and they have a lot to say.

In this bloggy boi we intend to provide any tidbits such as pics and links to anything fun we’ve brought up in our podcast episodes, plus anything else that comes to mind. For instance, here is a gif of Maz’s cat having a bath with Round the Twist playing in the background:

Okay well…. Bye!